We offer production from our wide range of experience and from our partner portfolio in a variety of industrial fields.

Due to activities in development, prototypes, pre- and small series up to the series product, we have gained a lot of know-how in more than 30 years. Our customers appreciate our knowledge of manufacturing processes and the entire supply chain to solve their sourcing needs.

In our locations in Germany, France and Poland, we are always close to you in Europe


We provide many years of experience in magnesium casting up to 200kg and more project in the sand casting process. AZ91, AZ63, RZ5 and other special alloys are available.

The same applies to parts made of common aluminum alloys.


With our Indian partners we provide aluminium parts as die casting products inclusive machining. We are local in India present with our partners to ensure the best and reliable supply.

For our customers in Europe we provide all products either from Germany or Poland. No need to communicate directly with India.

FAI and later Quality checks, production control and all neccessary tasks are perfomed by us and our local partner. To ensure a stabil and trustful supply-chain.


We offer parts processing and production on the most modern machines and for different materials. As refinishing service or including material.
From one-off production (prototype or one-off), through small series to ongoing medium-sized series.


Our portfolio offers as well deep hole drilling, which is not a common technique everywhere available.

Mainly used for light metals, we also offer special materials and steel.


Forged parts including delivery of the tools / dies for brass and aluminum up to 12kg.

Classic own products in this production are battery clamps for military and vehicle technology as well as stationary battery systems. Many other parts we supply to other different industries.


Complex, large cast-welded constructions are another specialty of our portfolio.

Where magnesium castings can no longer be realized as a single piece due to weight reasons, the combination of casting and welding is an option. We reach about 500kg for this products in magnesium.


We often supply ready-to-install / ready to use parts. Plug and play parts. Additionally to the raw part and subsequent processing, this also includes finishing.

Corrosion protection, painting and powder coating are standard processes in our delivery program.


We can help to outsource assembly parts. It’s important which size will be our own part of added value in the product.

The higher it is, the more interesting the test for this possibility becomes for potential customers and also for us.

In many cases, there are significant savings in logistics if the parts are already procured from different suppliers anyway.